I was looking for something like trac the other day, because trac is a pain to set up and just a little too much for my small company. After browsing around for a while I came a cross this new project that simply runs on php/mysql, it’s called traq and my first impressions are positive.

I haven’t given it much testing yet, but I added a couple of our projects and successfully connected them to their dedicated svn repo. At a first glance it appears to have everything I am looking for in a ticket system, it can handle all the stuff I find most important like:

  • access control
  • users & groups
  • tickets
  • roadmap
  • changelog
  • wiki

You can browse the source of your repos, view revisions and you even get some graphs. The interface could use some polishing but overall it looks pretty nice, and if it does the job, I really don’t care:) A couple of other things worth to mention is that it also has support for themes and 3rd-party plugins.

Honestly I wish I could write a little bit more detailed, but I’ve only scratched the surface yet, so we’ll see. Visit traq for more information.