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Removing Dates from WordPress Permalink Structure

I’ve found myself in this situation a couple of times. The site has a date based permalink structure but the client want’s to remove them.

The correct way of doing this would be to add a 301 permanent redirect, and here’s how I do it:

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Custom WPForms Smart Tags with Arguments

The WPForms plugin is my new favorite form plugin. It’s very clean and super easy to use. However since it’s still relatively new in the game there are some things that you might have to do manually/the hard way.

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Set up Pyzor with SpamAssassin on Debian

Not many, but a few clients were reporting that they’ve been receiving a lot of spam on their account, so I decided to take a closer look on pyzor and how to integrate it with spamassassin under virtualmin on debian.

Pyzor is a completely free database and software HashSharingSystem, written by Frank Tobin.

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How to Disable ipv6 for Bind on Debian

For those of you that doesn’t use ipv6 yet there’s a chance it’s still enabled in your system. This isn’t really a bad thing but the log files might get some extra unnecessary cruft in them.

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WordPress jquery form plugin, json parsing and IE

I have just recently written a Web Shop plugin for some clients, but after upgrading one of their sites to WordPress 3.2.1 it made my checkout code flip backwards in ie7 and ie8.

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