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Entur lovelace-card for Home Assistant

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I while back I wrote my very first lovelace card for Home Assistant. It’s a card for displaying various transportation times for pre-selected stops.
The card is based on the EnTur component for Home Assistant that interacts with a service which collects and delivers information about all public transport available in Norway.

The card can be installed manually from my github repo or via HACS.


  1. Alexander Klein

    I love this card and using it a lot – but it does not seem to show cancellations. We have a lot of them here on the Østfoldbane (Vy) – while the card does show delays, it does not show cancellation it seems. Is this a limitation that comes from the entur-data?

    • Jon Kristian

      Thank you :)

      If it’s a feature of the entur integration, I can most likely add it in the card. If you could post this as a feature request in github that would be awesome. Not sure when I get the time, but will try to look into it and give you a reply over there.

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