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Gnome Shell Extensions

For everyone using Gnome 3 (the awesomest DE!) they have launched a pretty wicked shell extension site, it’s still in alpha but worked great for me.

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WordPress jquery form plugin, json parsing and IE

I have just recently written a Web Shop plugin for some clients, but after upgrading one of their sites to WordPress 3.2.1 it made my checkout code flip backwards in ie7 and ie8.

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wpshell & debugging wordpress

I came across this handy little shell tool yesterday while I was looking up a WordPress function.

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Using custom fields to sort posts

Recently I’ve been working with a client that wanted me to create a way to sort recipes into different types of food and under different types of dishes. This had me thinking about custom fields where you have meta_key and meta_value for each key. The client also wanted to use this in other scenarios so basically i started thinking it should be sorted on categories as well. The function takes one argument which is the category slug, it will then loop through meta_keys belonging to that category, secondly the meta_values and third each posts matching that specific value.

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SHR Logo Contest

These are my entries for the SHR Logo Contest Each variant comes in two versions, black & white and colors. These are vectors and can easily be modified/converted. The cogwheel and the drawn one are my personal favorites. I wanted to keep it earthy and simple, no fancy web2.0 bs! :D Hope you guys will enjoy these!
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