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Hello! I will now present a proposal that I have made for paroli. Each photo comes with it’s own description. These are just mock-ups and are meant to be a base proposal for further development of paroli. I am not a developer and so I am not familiar with potential limitations. So there might be stuff here that in reality won’t work with paroli.

The initial layout ain’t changed, it still has the top shelf, the main area where the clock and other info resides and the launcher. I want to introduce some new ideas I have regarding the shelf, I know that the shelf ain’t a part of paroli, but I’d love to change this because it’s a tidy and neat way to store dialogue boxes, think of android here, except that my idea goes further than just a dialog box. I want it to become a placeholder for a lot of stuff; input fields, display of incoming/outgoing calls and even messages, see images below to get an idea. One scenario could be when writing a new message the top shelf slides down and the launcher area is replaced by a keyboard.

My initial thoughts was that I wanted to change the way we typically navigate in paroli, for example with the current UI, you would have to go by a 3-step navigation. I came up with a way that in my opinion is a lot cleaner, and better. Instead of being taken away from the main screen, a menu slides left-to-right with sub-choices. This gives easy access to every single configuration that paroli might handle in just 2-steps.

Give the user feedback!
Yes oh yes, we want to be notified … and we should be! Within each section of the launcher I had an idea to display quick information automatically or when the user requests it. If a user calls you and get no answer, a missed call notice will be displayed in the appropriate section.

We all love retro! … Right? My initial thoughts when picking out colors and graphics was to give it a bit of a retro look, reflecting the freerunner itself ;) Also, I’m a big fan of contrasts which is the way to go for readability and user-friendliness. Thirdly I wanted it to still be quite minimalistic and leave room for the users to change backgrounds and such, maybe even create their own color profiles, the possibilities are endless.

Even though the look is quite retro’ish there’s nothing like a good animation, here’s a list of thought’s I’ve had.

  • The shelf could slide up/down.
  • Notifications could fade in/out.
  • When pushing a menu icon in the launcher the menu for that category slides out from left to right, pushing any other menu icon should slide the current menu back again.
  • When writing messages the message itself is displayed in the shelf that is dropped down, if the message gets too long it should be scrollable inside the shelf.

I hope you guy’s enjoyed my little walk-through ;) Please don’t hesitate to comment in here, especially if you have other cool ideas or would like to see some changes made.