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Customized shell for virtual servers in virtualmin

I’ve been using zsh for years, more specifically the oh-my-zsh framework, it will make your terminal smarter, sexier and easier to use. Here’s a little tutorial to show how you can set up your custom zsh shell with oh-my-zsh and automate this for newly created virtual servers under virtualmin.

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Find and eliminate illegal characters

I’ve been looking for a solution to a problem that a friend of mine has, with a bunch of files spread across several different folders which as gotten some really nasty characters in their file names, most likely because they used to reside on a windows partition.

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Tired of watching sloppy video playback from YouTube? I was, and it got me pretty exited when I came across this project called minitube.

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Gnome Shell Extensions

For everyone using Gnome 3 (the awesomest DE!) they have launched a pretty wicked shell extension site, it’s still in alpha but worked great for me.

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SHR Logo Contest

These are my entries for the SHR Logo Contest Each variant comes in two versions, black & white and colors. These are vectors and can easily be modified/converted. The cogwheel and the drawn one are my personal favorites. I wanted to keep it earthy and simple, no fancy web2.0 bs! :D Hope you guys will enjoy these!
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